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The BTRC history

The BTRC company has investigated since 2002 the UHP water jetting system and finally, as a result, a detailed feasibility study with extensive full scale tests has proven that this procedure is profitable for big tyres.

Moreover it is proven to be the only way for dismantling the big rubber tyres without limitation of size.

The theoretical study and the worldwide research were completed with a feasibility study based upon a number of tests.

BTRC patents are pending on this full automatic process, including the reduction of energy (Hp) and the technical value of the obtained recuperated products.
The subjects and details of the patents may not revealed during the patent pending period and are obviously not revealed in this website.
The patents are taken on the process and on a number of individual findings incorporated in the process.

The detailed engineering for both processes (UHP water jet cutting operation and the UHP water jetting crumbling operation) is completed by Hatrocom Engineering (partner) and a pilot installation is under construction.
Fabrication of the pilot installation is done by the company Trotsaert Machinery (partner).
A pilot plant is installed in Puurs (Belgium).

The Belgian KBC bank has become an important financing partner.

There is an ongoing search for strategic partners in the field of the construction and international maintenance of tyre recycling units with preference for machine builders e.g. shredder machine builders with an international network.
Possibility of construction and installation under license agreement.

Freedom of operation
The BiiP company has checked, confirmed and released the freedom to operate for the BTRC process on all existing patents.

BTRC has now several patents pending on the process and some specific findings of the operation.

UHP water jetting history

Since 1981 some 23 patents have been registered on the UHP water jetting in order to recycle rubber tyres.

Several attempts were made but none was successful on a commercial bases mostly due to the lack of know how of the full process, the low market value of the end products, the high energy required and the absence of the economic scale of the operation.

Since 1998 the UHP water jetting has technical improved and adjacent technical and electronic devices were developed in other critical fields.

In 2004 research and tests have proven the higher market value of some specific rubber crumb applications.

Since 2006 academic and industrial research have been successful in the upgrading of more UHP water jetting end products in new fields of patented applications.

Since 2007 BTRC is confident that its process is economical and ecological a suitable solution for the recycling of rubber tyres.

In 2008 a UHP pilot plant was set up for tests on all parameters of the UHP jetting and downstream process.
During 2009/2010 5 UHP pumps are operational and engineering starts for a commercial plant of 6.000 t/y to be build in 2011/2012.

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