10. The UHP water jetting market.

Recycling other rubber products.​

The UHP water jetting is “pulverizing” the surface layers of rubber objects. ​

The size and format of the End-of-Life (EOL) objects is not at all relevant for the recycling process. In other words: the rotojetters they do not know on what object they are pulverizing the rubber.​

Other EOL rubber products for recycling:​

  1. Steel cord conveyors. The cables are rolled up. The rubber is ready for new vulcanisation.​
  2. M.E.T. tracks are recycled. The steel cleats are recovered. The rubber is used for re-vulcanisation.​
  3. Agri tracks can be recycled or refurbished. The used studs are pulverized, new studs can be vulcanised on the clean locations.​
  4. Aircraft tyres. The tread is pulverized including the aramid fibres (e.g. Kevlar) ready for re-use.​
  5. Fenders: the range of fenders is so diverse that there is no general system for handling the recycling. The rubber is pulverized ready for re-use and all steel reinforcements are recovered.​
  6. Dredging hoses and oil hoses are fully recovered. The flanges and reinforcements are clean, ready for re-use​