11. International scientific papers.

The International scientific papers available on UHP water jetting do not provide sufficient back ground. ​

The studies on the recycling of rubber comparing UHP water jetting to other ‘recycling’ methods are based on the UHP technology of some 20 years ago and consequently do not reflect the latest data.​

Multiple authors ignore the existence of different high pressures solutions.​

The process complexity and the different solutions to “pulverize” make a simple comparison impossible.​

However, the 2 major scientific subjects related to UHP water jetting are quite simple: the quality of the recycled powder and the used water pressure/volume.​

Nearly no information is available on the effect of the type of UHP pumps, the energy required and the type of the recycled tire. Subjects as the effect of the water quality and the energy used are nowhere shown. Many other issues are equally important but seldom evaluated and discussed in the research papers.