4. The beginning of recycling and its limits.

To recycle tires, you need to reduce the tires into shreds and grains. However, there are limits.​

The economically limit of the maximum tire size is reached with a tire diameter of 1,4m.​

Above diameter 1,4m the handling and energy costs to shred (size reduction) and milling in granules is no longer profitable.​

The larger the tire, the higher the cost of the “size reduction”. In other words, the cost of size reduction becomes higher than the profit of the recycled products. ​

The EU legislation directives takes this limit of diameter 1,4m into account: EU dir. 1999/31/EC-5.3.d​

Above this diameter of 1,4m there are no directives!​

Sometime companies are using hydraulic pliers or a band saw to cut big tires, or even dynamite, it is possible but expensive.​

Yes, these hydraulic machines can reduce the big volumes, but the next step is always the pyrolysis of the large pieces of rubber.​

This leads to an expensive “end of life” and unfortunately also a high ecological footprint.