6. The choice of UHP water jetting.

There are 2 options:​

  1. High water pressure, about 2.000 bar.​
  2. Ultra-High waterpressure, about 4.000 bar.​

One can understand that the higher the water pressure, the greater will be the penetration into the rubber.​

BTRC has chosen the 2nd option with some 4.200 bar which is getting a 4 to 6cm penetration into the rubber and provides the best performance (yield) for big tyres.​

On small car tires, there the 1st option @ 2.000 bar which is sufficient for pulverizing the thin layer of rubber in the tread.​

The 2nd option @ 4.200 bar provides directly powder <400µm with a specific morphology having a surface-de-vulcanised powder of reclaim quality.​

It gives directly (surface) de-vulcanised rubber.​

Of course the latter has a significant positive effect on the sales price and thus on the higher yield of this “pulverizing” operation.