7. A major issue: The required energy.

Optimizing the “pulverization” means using less energy (kWh/kg powder) and thus a higher yield (ROI-EBITDA).​

Consequently, the BTRC UHP water jetting process led to further in-depth research.​

The recycling of the big tires was a complex but interesting technical challenge.​

Initially, the focus was on the performance and the type of UHP pump.​

There are basically 3 main issues when looking for the lowest energy and thus the highest efficiency of the “pulverizing” process:​

  1. The upstream operations (water technology)​
  2. The jetting operation (rotating technology)​
  3. The downstream operations (drying technology)​

This fundamental research for reducing the energy also increased the yield of all the operations: the pulverization, the downstream and the upstream.​

BTRC has more information available.