1. The tire recycling history.

Since the production of the first rubber tires, there has been a need for tire recycling. Many processes were used, more “to get rid of” than to recycle the tires. Car and truck tires are easily shredded and eventually ground.

Some methods focus on recycling methods for energy production, which is of course the end of life.​

Other methods focus on the use of crumb rubber as infill material in products such as playground floor tiles or they are used in football fields.​

A very small percentage is used for producing reclaim.​

At ambient temperature processing can grind down the rubber to about 3 to 4 mm grains.​

Using the cryogenic process, the grains can be grounded further down to 100 microns or even less. This fine powder can be used in paints or as a filler (infill material) in a very low percentage in new rubber compounds e.g. in tires.​