8. The water quality, the great influence.

Water quality in the UHP water jetting process is a much more important element than initially was assumed and ignored in many applications.​

Of course “drinking” water quality is initially sufficient for any basic UHP water jet process, but there are many other “water” elements that significantly improve the yield.​

Surprisingly very little scientific information is available in this rather basic but complex area.​

BTRC examined 10 critical ‘water’ points resulting directly  into a higher mechanical performance and thus in a much higher yield (ROI-EBITDA).​

In addition, improving the water quality, is also very important to reduce the mechanical and chemical wear, thus lowering the maintenance costs.​

Improve of the physical behaviour of the jet stream caused by the design of the rotojetters, the design of the orifices, the radial positioning and the angle of impact are some of the many points that have led to a great energy reduction.​

A separate problem, with fatal consequences, is the health problem in UHP water technology which is easily avoided.