5. The history of UHP water jetting.

About 50 years ago, companies started to ‘recycle’ rubber tires using water jets.​

The last 2 decades 11 UHP (ultra-high pressure) pump manufacturers have significantly improved the performance of their UHP pumps and the linked roto-jetting to machine down the rubber.​

Some 45 patents were granted, 10 companies were testing “pulverizing” car and truck tires.​

The main questions are: Is this profitable for car tires? Can this work out also for big tires?​

There is surprisingly very little information is available about UHP “pulverizing” rubber tires.​

For most UHP water jetting companies, the 1st and most important problem is the required energy (kWh/kg rubber powder), this remains a ‘dark mystery’.​

Unbelievable is the 2nd point that remains vague, which is the TDS (technical data sheet) of the pulverized powder.​

The financial return (ROI) of the technology is a 3rd point which is in the dark pitch.​

BTRC provides answers to all of these points.